रविवार, 11 अप्रैल 2010

नमस्कार ,

यह मेरा पहला ब्लॉग है कानपुर शहर के विषय में लोग बहुत कुछ जानते है पर कानपुर में कुछ ऐसा भी है जो लोग नहीं जानते कानपुर एक मर-मर के जीता हुआ शहर है कानपुर वासी इस मरते हुए शहर में जीने के आदी हो गये है शहर को जिन्दा करने के लिये कुछ करना भी नहीं चाहते हम सब कानपुर वासी दूसरे पर दोष मढना चाहते है खुद की जिम्मेदारी से भागना चाहते है

अरे ! कानपुर वासियों जागो आओ सब मिल कर कानपुर को फिर से जिन्दा करें शहर जीवित तब होगा जब साफ़_सुथरा होगा, सड़कें चलने लायक होंगी, रौशनी से जगमगाता होगा इसमें जनमानस और शासन-प्रशासन के मन में उत्कंठा होगी

आइये कानपुर को जिन्दा करने का प्रयास आज और अभी से शुरू करें

-- शेष फिर ....

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  1. जीना मरना मनुष्य के हाथ में नहीं है, फिर भी अपनें नगर को सँवार्नं का प्रयास अवश्य ही करना चाहिये। ब्लांग हो सके तो नियमित लिखें।

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  2. quite true. i endorse my view. i keep on doing my bit to the cause certainly within arm lenght. bhola

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  3. i would love to read more from Gopal & sumant ji. both are well read persons and i know they can infuse good amount of their knowledge in the minds of kanpurites. at this point of time i certainly miss one tall figure of kanpur. Late shri deoki nandan dikshit ji. he had given all out of his heart to kanpur through out his life. those who had chanced to associate with him will just agree to me. one more person i wish to name here is shri r.n.trivedi ji i.a.s. (retd). he lives with kanpur culture. my due regards to all kanpurites. come along to lift the momentum. bhola shukla

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  4. Well, I am not that much associated with Kanpur, so I have got very less to talk about Kanpur as a city....
    however, it is not a concern about only Kanpur, but about India as a country....We always feel that preserving nature and working for a flourishing and a greener tomorrow is not difficult at all, but I really doubt how many of us actually take an initiative to do that?
    A small initiative is all that is required.....Yes!if each one of us start doing our bit, then it is not a difficult battle....Anupma Shukla

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  5. well anupma was earler not known to kanpur but after one [artcular date she has acquired the status of kanpurite. as far as her willingness to preserve the nature is the demand of today. one must notice the soaring tempratures across the country specially speaks about the intensity. so before it is late each one has to do the maximum he can for the nature cure. otherwise our coming generation will feel sorry and sad towards their forefathers. try step by step but fast. engage first with your family then neighbours and expand thatway. goodluck. bhola shukla

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  6. PANPUR....No I did not mis spell the name, Kanpur gained this reputation, thanks to the ppl out there who leave behind the evidence of being the biggest pan eaters of the world.

    Plant trees, Make the city cleaner, Make Earth a better place to live in etc. are all good to hear but following the same is the real question.

    We all are blogging down the issues and strangely the solutions too but do we really follow all of this after logging out of net ??

    Manju Dikshit

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  7. The remark by MANJU JI that Kanpur is named Panpur because of several pan eaters is unheard of, incorrect and unjustified. Kanpur is and would remain Kanpur forever.
    It is for her knowledge that maximum pan consumption is in VARANASI, so plz construe a name for that as well.
    For the kind knowledge of MANJU JI, I do not need any certification from anyone, as i claim only that what i do.
    This is a great apathy that few people instead of supporting or promoting any issue just criticise good steps only for sounding different. Gopal Krishna Shukla

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  8. It is so good to see Bro and sis indulging in such cute little brawls- Nice arena :-) Chill guys- lets not spill the differences in worthless name-calls for a city that should be or not be.
    Its good to see that sensitivity towards other's feelings still resonate somewhere and (maybe) everywhere...

    Like Kabir ji rightly said-

    bura jo dekhan main chala
    bura na miliya koye
    jo mann khoja apnaa
    jo mujh se bura na koi..


    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  9. Dear All,

    Its not about cleanliness issues in a city... its is all about the liveliness there and our contribution and dedication towards it and the zeal to make it a better place which has always been our homeland giving us those innumerable beautiful memories to grow with and cherish all our lives...

    Its not just about civic responsibilities ... its about making it a more cheerful happier and a safe place ...with cultural growth around..... forwarding the coming genenrations all that was enjoyed and cherised by us and our forefathers...

    Its not about just abosorbing the best things around and moving on when the city is just not a good place to offer us things as per our expectations...

    Its about being connected to it.. bonding with it and making it a part of your life always....despite we not be there anymore.

    Its about imbibing that culture where when one goes back despite being settled in so called modern and METRO CITY ... those old good friends and folks still look upon you and remember you and still say "hey its happy to see you grow in life".Its all about that culture where people bonded with you not for the high designations or status that one has achieved in theirlives.... its because somewhere they were a part of you and had cherished some moments in those good old days which quite a few have forgotten in our so called busy lives in the modern cities.

    I believe when we shall feel for the city we shall feel for everything... its culture, its roads its maintainenece its civic sense....ITS PEOPLE AND ITS GROWTH WHO HAVE NOT BEEN AS LUCKY AS ALL OF US TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN OUR SPHERES OF LIVES...BUT THEY ALL ARE DEFINATELY GREAT HUMAN BEINGS

    Lack of civic sense or growth is not that big a concern ...I feel the concern ought to be about that evaporating culture where people have forgotten that feel for the city as their place....everything shall be achieved when we realise that the good or bad done shall effect us..... because it is OUR CITY ULTIMATELY... ITS OUR KANPUR.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  10. I was in Tamilnadu once. While on the way to Rameshwaram from Madurai I got down from the Bus for a cup of Tea. But sorry to say the shopkeeper was not knowing Hindi/English. I was unable to communicate what I wanted. In the meanwhile one gentle man came & he helped me. He knew Tamil as well as Hindi. I thanked him. He told me he was somewhere from U.P. There I felt MY UP man. So My place, My city, My pradesh, My country comes in mind. So do your MITE for MY city clean. Have fun. Good to read/see Rajeshwari & Manisha on the blog. Critical analysis is welcome but not be any personal. Bhola Nath Shukla

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  11. Human being by nature is repulsive to change. One who pretends to be receptive to change, is a charlatan.

    No matter wherever one goes or whatever feat one achieves in his/her life, a person is eternally attached to his/her genesis.

    The incident illustrated by Bhola Bhaiji is a glaring example of the abovestated doctrines of life. It may sound as a regionalist thought or approach, but in fact it is the nexus to the genesis.

    I ask a question to myself, what is the factor which makes a city better than others to live? Is it the civic amenities or better hang-out places or the industrial setup or the contribution towards the country's GDP.
    If these factors are the measuring scales then such a discussion will be futile and pedantic, leading to erroneous conclusions.

    According to me, the only critera for adjudging such an issue is the ability of a city to preserve its culture and originality. The concept of culture is extremely vast and includes diversified arenas of human life.

    By merely following the league and by participating in the race of growing metro culture does not make a city developed. On the contrary such pseudo-development, only makes the city a little comfortable for its people to live.

    Modernisation and development is good but not at the cost of deterioration of the culture of a city. If modernization is the criteria, then I will say the Kanpur is not lagging behind in any respect. I say this because the concrete jungles (including malls and other infrastructure) which are found in New Delhi (where I am currently practicsing my proffession) and other adjoining areas, are also coming up in Kanpur. But, I am sorry to say that this in no manner makes Kanpur a better place to live.

    Take an example of Varanasi. Although in terms of civic amenities Varanasi may not be even comparable to other modern cities of our country. But till date, I have never met any person who has denigrated Varanasi as a city. On the contrary, I know people of my generation living in places like New Delhi, Mumbai and other big metropolitans who are actually obssessed with the charisma of the city of Varanasi.

    Why the narrow lanes of Varanasi are never connoted as a symbol of infrastructural backwardness?

    The answer to this question is that these narrow lanes form a part of the culture of Varanasi. The thought of living in Varanasi does not cause hiccups to anyone because to a certain extent the city has been successful to preserve its charismatic culture and originality over the years.

    So, now the crucial question is, what constitutes the culture of Kanpur?

    To my mind,its the flourishing textile and leather mills, its the company bagh, its the nanarao park, its the anandeshwar baba, its the massacre ghat, its the civil lines with its old british establishments, its the small scale enterpreneurs of birhana road and adjoining areas, etc. etc. And last but not the least "PAN" (if its a part of your culture, it doesn't hurt eating it)

    Therefore I say preserve the originality.

    "Relive the past to make a better future."


    Somnath Shukla

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  12. Apropos Bhola Bhaiji: Regards and Yes, its definitely good to see "our' people in remote land. Abroad, in United States, the state specific-ism does not matter anymore. Its more like spotting an Indian (a Desi) brings up a smile on the face. But as surprising as it may get, not as much warmth is reciprocated from a Desi then from the localites here.

    Anyways, my two cents is that it is not about being defined by Borderlines anymore, its just how your heart connects otherwise. Sometimes you miss the connectivity when you at homeland and otherwise..

    We have to evolve beyond the obvious lines that divide us, while being rooted to where we belong.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  13. After reading the comment of Somnath, I could not stop myself from sending him a word of praise. I am extremely happy and simply amazed by the maturity of his thought and the impeccable usage of language. Three cheers to Somnath....Keep it up brother.
    Kailash Shukla

    उत्तर देंहटाएं
  14. My blessings to Somnath for his approach and fundamentals. There is a word PEDIGREED. In short it means PURE. Although it is with reference to the animal but rational if taken then I will not be wrong by using it here. So to be PURE one has to take all measures and accounts of his past family, culture, status, envoirnment etc etc. That means remember the past and follow that in future. So about the GENESIS Somnath talked is praiseworthy. Even today we read \listen the glory of Bharat/Raghu/Lankans/Yaduvansh Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, etc etc. All the learned globally boast\remember their past culture . So live with today retaining your past Glory. Keep smiling . Save your country/town/city/ village /mohalla culture and traditions. Bhola Nath Shukla

    उत्तर देंहटाएं